"The relationship between Premier physicians and hospital administration is collaborative and respectful."

Cindy Alloway, VP & COO Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital

Service Excellence

A Culture Created by Improving Quality,
Patient Satisfaction and ED Processes

Since 1987, Premier Physician Services has enjoyed a 90% client retention rate and high client satisfaction scores.

Why? Because we deliver higher patient satisfaction and a high level of operational efficiencies.

Excellent Physicians Invested in Your Hospital’s Success

Service excellence starts with the people who operate your emergency department. 

At Premier, we offer individualized training to each physician, including education on customer service. We provide physicians with the resources and tools that shape targeted improvement areas.  

Hospital Emergency Department ConsultantsAnd we leverage your survey results to continually refine our commitment to service excellence.

Physicians also have a portion of their compensation contingent on meeting target metrics established jointly by the hospital and Premier.  Aligning pay with your hospital’s objectives is a key to the success of Premier and allows us to enjoy outstanding patient satisfaction scores. 

Stability and Teamwork

Turnover can hinder the continuity, productivity and patient satisfaction in an emergency department. So at Premier, we work to build a core physician team at each of our sites. 

Our physicians work collaboratively toward common goals and focus on quality, stability, and continuity of care. By doing so, we can create systems that improve patient throughput, reduce unnecessary procedures, and enhance patient satisfaction.

A Focus on the Patient

Satisfied patients are informed patients. So we pay special attention to how we communicate with the patients we serve. We offer a variety of training tools, including videos, lectures and scripting, which help our combined medical teams interact with the patients more effectively throughout the continuum of their care.

To help increase patient satisfaction, Premier annually establishes "Clinical Best Practices" for all of our clinical sites. We have a wealth of information regarding policies, procedures, and protocols, which we share among all EDs.

Customer Service Training

Patient satisfaction levels are maximized when all members of our combined medical teams are working together. 

To make sure everyone is on the same page, we created a service program that provides an abundance of training tools based on The Studer Group principles, The Walt Disney Company, and other service industry organizations. These tools provide guidance on enhancing our physicians’ and your staffs’ service excellence skills.  Examples include:

  • Scripting on how to talk to patients
  • Instructional videos
  • Lectures to support training
  • Support materials for Medical Directors

Customer Service Specialists

Our Customer Service Specialists act as quality control liaisons and monitor customer service across all locations. In addition, our Customer Service Specialists  provide personal training to clinicians.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Premier’s Continuous Quality Improvement Program was developed to build organizational excellence in patient care with a focus on patients, customers and staff. This is accomplished through a philosophy of continuous quality improvement and the application of quality improvement processes, tools, and techniques.

Patient Safety

Premier’s nationally recognized risk management program is designed to improve patient safety, eliminate medical errors, increase satisfaction, reduce risk, and protect the human and financial assets of Premier and its hospital partners.

Metrics/Dashboard Data

Premier collects hospital dashboard data on a monthly basis.  The results are reviewed and analyzed by our Medical Directors, Regional Medical Directors and executive leadership.  The findings are shared with our hospital partners and used to improve operational processes in the Emergency Department.

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Shelley Miller, RN, MSN
Director, Emergency Department Mercy Hospital Fairfield, Fairfield, OH

"Premier physicians worked with us to implement a pull-til- full process in our ED, making our waiting room empty 70% of the time and greatly increasing patient satisfaction."

[ case study ]

John Lyman
MD, FACEP, Regional Medical Director

"I’ve worked in a number of different practice settings, so I feel I know what makes Premier special. For the most part, it’s the ownership mentality that makes Premier stand out."